Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Group Polemical Project Criteria

The group project will consist of a polemical engagement with the topic of Religion in Culture. Use the understanding of "polemical" given in the opening lecture.

Your project will use some written or creative form (a blog, a filmed presentation, a pamphlet or squib, etc.) to make a polemical statement either for or against Religion (or, perhaps, taking both sides.)

Look through popular culture for examples: some of the recent anti-God movies; atheist publicity stunts; Christian rock groups; and much more beside are good sources of ideas.

  1. Groups of five or six will be set in tutorial on course week two.
  2. A written proposal, two pages maximum, is due in tutorial course week four: May 31st or amp; June 2nd.
  3. Information on how to write a proper proposal is available on the course website, at this address.
  4. Project grading will include the amount of effort put into the project. This is expected to be 20% of the course effort multiplied by the number of members in the group.
  5. The project is due in tutorial the August 9th or 11th.

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