Saturday, May 5, 2007

What is a Writing-Intensive Course?

What is a Writing-Intensive course?


A W course is one that fulfills the following conditions:
  1. Students have opportunities to use writing as a way of learning the content of the course and are taught to write in the forms and for the purposes that are typical of the disciplines and/or professions, in ways that are clearly distinguished from remedial and foundational skills courses.
  2. Examples of writing within the disciplines are used as a means of instruction about typical structures, modes of reasoning, styles of address, and the use of technical language and of evidence.
  3. Students receive appropriate feedback and response to their writing that is based on explicit criteria and is directed at improving the quality of their writing.
  4. Revision is built into the process of writing for formal assignments, usually in terms of revisions of the same paper, or alternatively, in revisions accomplished through successive similar assignments.
  5. At least half the course grade is based on written work for which students receive feedback (see Criterion 3).


Belldandy said...

Will there be an alternate grading scheme for say students who do poorly on the assignments and who want to use a heavily weighted final as their last hope of getting a decent grade?

In a few previous courses I have taken, mostly Math151 and Math152, the instructor indicated such an option so that students who do poorly on the midterms can make it up on the final by throwing out the midterms and having the final count for a huge 85% instead.

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...


Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

PS: "alternate" = "every other one."