Monday, June 25, 2007

Group Project Review

A reminder that the next tutorial -- Monday July 9th -- is the peer review of the Group Project.

Click on the hotlink here for the criteria. The topic has been left open for your group to decide among yourselves: if you should be uncertain I recommend that you advocate for some aspect of the books which invigourates you by your strong agreement, disagreement, love or hate.

You can chose a literary aspect of the texts -- the characterisations, or the plot, or the settings, or the ideas, or even your judgement of their literary worth-- or, you can start with an idea of your own -- denial or affirmation of God, for instance -- and use two texts to support or elaborate your idea.

Then let the dialectic commence. As always, if you have any questions, simply leave a comment on the blog.


Anonymous said...

you say we must use two to support or elaborate our ideas...Does that mean any two texts? or does it have to be one of the ones we have read?

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Dear Anonymous:
Following the hotlink above to the original "Group Project" post, item #1 says this:
"engages with some aspect of any one or two of the course texts."