Monday, July 19, 2010

"Kingdom Come" and Current Events

The dialogue that Norman McCay as he walks the streets at the start of Kingdom Come between opposing attitudes to 'superhuman' power has, if one takes the superhero concept as a parable of government, pertinency to present responses to economic circumstances in the West, with the United States of America moving toward an increase in government involvement in society (e.g. State health care; State control of major automotive companies; etc.) and the United Kingdom, on the other side, moving in the opposite direction by (as this Guardian article explains) returning national government power to local authorities.
Cameron promises power for the 'man and woman on the street.'
Prime minister says 'big society' plans will create communities with 'oomph' and denies programme is a mask for public sector cuts.
So, once again, a dialogical representation allows us, the readers, to look at both alternatives and make up our own minds.

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